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Related post: Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 20:02:09 -0800 From: Collin Dantry Subject: Punk'd 2Hey lolita abuse pay sites everyone! I'm so glad that MTV doesn't play videos anymore, lolita young model com because they provide me with so much material for these stories. This will hopefully become preteen lolita sites dark a series assuming I lolita top 50 dreams get lots of feedback from you guys. It's ls lolita model pics gonna be based on the MTV show Punk'd. I'm gonna take each episode and we're gonna see what happens after the cameras stop rolling.I do not know if any of the real people mentioned in this story are gay, nor do I pretend to know beautiful lolita nymphet girls anything about their real lives. This story is entirely fiction and a figment of my fantasies and vivid imagination.I'm gonna start lolita anal sex mpeg with the beginning of the second season of Punk'd. 12 yo lolicon pictures lolita lesbian with mature If you have any faves from the first season let me know and I might do a flashback chapter.If you are not old enough to read this then go do some homework, otherwise the rest of you pervs can enjoy. This story involves sex between (really hot) guys and at one point may involve sex between guys and a teen age kid. You have been warned.****** If you want to see pics of the stars or the regulars on preteen russian lolitas pics Punk'd take a look at the MTV website.Punk'd 2 Episode 202Ashton was little lolita baby ex pretty siked today. It was the day before they filmed the Tommy Lee Punk'd, and Nick Carter preteen lolita cartoon art was coming over to the lot best lolita pays sites to rehearse and, unbeknownst to him, be Punk'd himself. Ashton was anxious not because of the shoot, but because of Nick Carter. Ashton hated how Nick tried to act like some street punk, like he was some rap star. Ashton thought Nick was a punk and a jackass because of the way he acted. Ashton was normally a bottom, but today he was gonna ls baaby lolitas tgp fuck Nick Carter's ass and make him forget about trying to act like a street thug.At the shoot, Nick acted like a thug as normal, but he fell for the joke totally. At the end when Nick told Ashton naked nymphets bbs lolita to kiss his ass, Ashton smiled and thought he'd be doing more than that."Hey Nick, sorry we had to do that to ya, but I couldn't resist. We good?" Ashton asked."Yeah dawg, we good." Nick said giving Ashton a quick hug."Cool man. The studio has me a nice little apartment pre teen lola xxx set up here for when I'm shooting. You wanna come back and have a bear with bbs red book lolita me?" sexy nymphets lolitas sex Ashton asked."Sure free lolitas gallery bbs dawg, lets get our drink on." Nick said in his fake nude lolita in thongs street accent.Ashton led Nick back to his little studio apartment and offered him a Corona. Nick accepted so Ashton went over to his fridge and pulled out two beers, putting limes little nude lolitas gallery in each, maxwells natural lolitas angels and Rohypnol in Nick's beer. Ashton was familiar with Rohypnol as it had been used to knock him out once, when he woke up tied to a bed and surrounded by 11 landscapers that had been working at lolita school girl anya his home, but more about that another time.Ashton sat across from Nick as they both downed their beers and chatted away about their careers. Ashton knew Nick school girls preteen lolita didn't really have much of a career left, preteens nude lolitas photos but extreme tiny preteen lolitas he let small breast girls lolitas the little wanna-be gangster talk all he wanted. After about 20 minuets, Ashton could tell the drug was starting to take effect. Nick was slurring his words, and Ashton knew that not even Nick was that much a lightweight to get drunk horny young lolita russian with just one beer."You ok man?" Ashton asked."I child model topist lolita don't know dawg. Feel kinda tired." Nick said leaning back in the chair, his eyes half closed.Ashton had only used a very small amount of the Rohypnol, just enough to knock him out for a little bit. Ashton wanted the punk japan lolita video nude awake and able remember what was preteen lolitas model videos about to happen to him.Nick was out of it model angel lola love as Ashton sat his vanessa preteen illegal lolita beer down and walked over to Nick. He lightly slapped the sleeping boy band member across the cheek, getting a slight moan and stir. Ashton walked over to the free loli image boards bed in the rear of the apartment and pulled out the restraints that he had used many times. Normally he was tied up in them with someone else taking advantage of him, but tonight these leather restraints would be holding down Nick."Come on pretty best young girl lolita boy, it's time to get what you deserve." Ashton said as he picked Nick up and carried him over to the bed. "Damn Nick, someone's put on a few pounds." free legal nude lolits Ashton laughed.Ashton laid the knocked out Nick onto his bed. He quickly pulled the boy's clothes little lolita sex tgp off coping feels and little licks of Nick's body from time to time. Nick had a musky smell to him, that Ashton lolita dick girls cartoons loved smelling. Ashton lolita teenies top model laid the naked boy band member on the bed, tying the star's arms to the bed, and his legs to the restraints hanging from the ceiling. Nick was lying on his back with his legs up in the air spread far enough apart to expose his dick, balls, and ass hole.Nick looked at his accomplishment and smiled. He took off his own clothes and went and got himself another beer. When he got back he rubbed his own naked body over nude lolita boy gallery Nick's, feeling top 100 lolita galleris Nick's soft cock next to his own. He took a few more licks from the sleeping star's more intimate regions preteen lolita nonude girls and then sat next tom him lolita preteen boys art drinking a beer and watching a baseball game on tv. He wanted to wait until nick was awake, so the phtc bbs nymphets lolita fun could really begin.It took about an hour for Nick to start to stir. Ashton slapped him a few times lolita girl picture tits to get him lolita portal bbs dark to come too a little faster. Ashton was horny and wanted Nick to wake up."What the fuck?" Nick finally sleepily said realizing top angels list lolita that he was cancion my boy lollipop naked and tied down."Calm down `dawg'..." little lolitas russian nymphet Ashton said making fun of Nick."Dude, what lolita cp child bbs the fuck, get me the fuck out of here. You son of a bitch let me go." Nick cursed as little virgins gallery lolita he teen loli sexy girls struggled with the restraints."Dude, don't struggle, you ain't getting out of them. I know, cause I've tried." Ashton said, "Just lay back and enjoy this."Aston began caressing Nick's smooth white skin as Nick continued to throw every curse word known to man at Ashton. Ashton ignored the rantings and continued to enjoy Nick's offerings. Ashton's tongue licked down Nick's stomach, circling his little belly button. Ashton continued over Nick's nude posing girls lolita abs and down the joint in between Nick's thigh and crotch. Even the cursing Nick couldn't hold back the blue teen angels lolitas moan as he felt Ashton's tongue down there."See, you're gonna 3d loli hentai boards like this." Ashton cooed.Ashton then leaned in and began lapping at Nick's balls. Nick thrust his hips into the air, as the tingles shot up his spine. Ashton teen models lolita outfit looked up to see Nick's cock begin to harden. It had been about an inch soft, but now it was stretching to about 5 inches almost hard. Nick's cursing naked young french lolitas had died down, but he was still muttering `no's' and `don'ts' as Ashton took advantage of him.Ashton's tongue worked its way further south and finally hit Nick's little pink rosebud."Awww sick man, you're gonna lick my ass?...yuck." Nick protested until Ashton began to thrust his tongue inside Nick which elicited a deep moan rather than disgust.Ashton dug little lolita angels bbs in deep with his tongue and spread Nick's cheeks apart even farther. Nick was lost in the unimagined pleasure he was getting from Ashton eating his butt. Ashton looked up finally from Nick's ass and saw Nick's full 5.5 inches standing tall above him. He smiled and moved up, until Nick's cock was just below his drooling mouth. Nick watched in disbelief but with no protest as Ashton dark lolitas portal bbs slowly eased down and slowly swallowed his cock.Nick thrust his hips upward again, pressing the lolita lopez lady wrestler head of his lolitas russas all free cock against the back of Ashton's throat. Ashton took the opportunity to introduce a new sensation, as lolita model blueteen links he slipped two spit covered fingers into Nick's wet ass hole. Nick groaned and writhed as Ashton's pedo lolita pedo lolita thick fingers slid deeper into him, stretching the virgin walks of his ass. Nick had always been a quick shot, and with all these new sensations, this time wasn't any different. Nick began spewing his creamy lollita angels little top load down Ashton's throat as his ass convulsed around naked preteen lolita cp the fingers raping his ass."AWWW FUCK," Nick screamed out young loli top 100 as his cum kept pouring from the end of his dick, feeding Ashton's sucking mouth and throat.Nick settled down, his ass falling back to the bed as Ashton slid his fingers from the pop star."See, I told you you'd like that." Ashton said licking the last bit of cum from Nick's deflating hot lolitas yo 14 cock."Yeah, I guess, now untie me top lolita web sites dawg, please?" Nick said so sweetly and pathetically."Nah, we still got one more game to play." Ashton preteen nude lolitas portals said jerking his cock and fingering Nick's hole.It took a moment for Nick's questioning and confused face to melt away into sheer horror. He begged and pleaded with Ashton not to do what he had planned. Ashton ignored him and just lubed his cock up with more spit. Ashton stood up for a moment, adjusting the restraints in the ceiling farther back so that Nick's legs were a little farther back thus exposing his ass more."It'll be ok Nick. You liked my fingers up there. You're gonna love this. Promise." Ashton said with his goofy laugh.Ashton rubbed the head of his cock on Nick's butt hole, pressing just a little. He could see that Nick was enjoying it, but he knew he was not going to enjoy what he was about to do. Ashton pressed forward harder until the head of his cock slipped inside Nick's boy band butt."SON OF A BITCH. OH GOD THAT HURTS. TAKE IT OUT!" Nick yelled as Ashton's thick cock selector lolita models bbs stretched the boy open.Ashton ignored the cries as always and just let his cock sink deeper and deeper into Nick's ass. Finally Ashton bottomed out and he leaned forward, his hands on either side of Nick holding him up, his sweaty heaving chest inches away from Nick's own heaving chest, and his face right in front of Nick's shy lolita teen models pain stricken face."Take teen lolita romania model it easy baby. Just relax and get used to it. I promise it'll feel better in a sec." Ashton consoled. Ashton gently caressed Nick's cheek with one hand and moved Nick's sweaty blonde strands of hair from his eyes.Ashton could tell Nick was beginning to get used to his lolicon incest preteen art thick cock nude beach photo lolita inside him. He lolita pics bbs post moved his the top lolita sites cock around pre teen model lolita a little, getting a wince of pain and a slight moan from Nick. He leaned down and kissed Nick on the ls island lolitas bbs lips lightly, to which Nick surprisingly responded to by kissing back and top lolitas nude pics licking Ashton's lips. lolitas nudes 14 year Ashton began to lolas bald pussy lolita slowly withdraw and then press back, as he began his fucking motion.Ashton knew he had Nick at this point and began to slide his cock in and out of Nick. legal nude lolita phtography Ashton didn't get to top that often, so he took advantage of the situation sexy naughty lolitas child trying to draw out nude lolita kids modeling his fuck of Nick for as long as possible."Hold still baby." Ashton sweetly said as he reached free lolita porn mpegs up and undid the leg restraints, and then reached up to release Nick's hands.Almost instantly Nick's legs wrapped around Ashton's waist and Nick's arms wrapped japan lolita underage pre around his neck, pulling Ashton closer small loli teen model to him and deeper into his ass. The two stars began to slowly fuck, their gasping sweaty bodies rubbing together, Ashton's cock exploring the deep recesses of Nick's virgin ass. The two kissed passionately as they fucked, their moans escaping from between their kissing lips.Finally Ashton could not take Nick's tight ass any longer. lolita games party portal He broke their kiss and began grunting as his pace quickened and his cock flew in and out of Nick's hole. He pushed his cock in deep and groaned deeply as the first shot of his cum filled Nick's butt. Ashton quickly withdrew his exploding cock and positioned it in front of Nick's mouth. Nick greedily sucked Ashton's cock into his mouth, spurts of cum filling his mouth along with the taste of his own ass. Nick wrapped his hands around Ashton's lolita pedo chiliporn kp spasming cock, jerking it hard, trying to milk the last drops of spunk out of Ashton's dick.The two cuddled up together kissing, exchanging tastes of Ashton's cum."Sorry I had child models preteen lolli to drug ya up and do this like this, but your punk ass deserved it. You need to stop image board list loli trying to act like lolita ls models tgp some thug. youngest nude models lolita You're a pretty nice white bread guy. Just be yourself dude." Ashton admonished."I preteen lolita sex pictures know. My agent inocent mini models lolitas kept telling me I had to have this image, and it just kinda stuck. I'm kinda pissed that you drugged me, but you're right, that was the only way I would have pretty young girls lolitas little lolita chill pics ended up here, and I'm glad I'm here." Nick said squeezing Ashton's cock in his hand."So am I punk." Ashton said laughing.***************That's the end of episode II. I know Tommy Lee is in this episode, but he's skanky. I lolita top in out think I'd have to take a shower preteen lonely lolita xxx and some antibiotics after just writing about him. There's Bow Wow too, but he's just a little ass hole as seen in this particular episode. I wouldn't have minded seeing him ass raped by an entire prison, but he'd probably like it, the little jizz wad. (Sorry, but I don't like bow wow little lolita angels art even though he is kinda cute.)
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